Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

I really like Rey and Kylo’s interactions in this one. I also liked Luke’s development around the third act, however I was not a fan of his overall character choices throughout the movie. However, everything with Finn/Rose and the Resistance slowed down everything for me. It just completely pulled me out of everything. The film was flooded with “F You JJ” moments (as Kevin Smith calls them) that just weirded me out. Like it literally flipped the finger to Force Awakens a dozen times. I guess after a couple months my fandom cleared out of the way so I could just see the movie as a movie, and it dawned on me that I just didn’t like it. I wanted to. I wanted to so bad, but I just couldn’t. I’m hoping IX will be better but I’m not sure. My hype for it has dropped heavily. I [sadly] give The Last Jedi a D.

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