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  • Logan


    Hmmmm. Not sure I can join the critical hosannas (critics are such suckers for brutal masculinity on film). But a note: Not for kids. In no way shape or form for kids even though it's a superhero film. Do not take your kids even if they beg you because it's Wolverine and they love him and the X-Men. One of the most violent films I've personally ever seen, and I've seen thousands and thousands of films.

  • Lion



    rewatched for the Smackdown

    love it. disappointed that people want to paint true stories featuring selfless people of means adopting orphans as 'problematic' (one of the pitfalls of political correctness -- which it feels so weird to discuss since political correctness is usually attacked only for truly terrible reasons of wanting to be a hateful person and have no one call you on it -- is those broad brush strokes that paint over nuance and truth). This movie is…

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  • Pride



    i dont think i could love this movie more. "where are my lesbians!" 1000% the year's most underappreciated underseen triumph.

  • Tangerine



    The best trans hooker Christmas comedy you ever might see. Full review coming