Spider-Man: Far From Home

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This review may contain spoilers.

Another veritable tour de force of the marvel universe. This is a masterclass on how to write, direct (and reverently homage and adapt) a film sequel. Engrossing CGI coupled with a palpably tense story reminds me thoroughly of Judgement Day in both execution and reception. The contrast between grandiose action epic and surprisingly unique and real coming-of-age drama makes this a welcome addition to the MCU. This registers as one of my new favorites on principle alone. After watching this I can’t help but confirm that the egregiously typical “bu-but... every marvel movie is the SAME,” is now just a tired excuse to be a bitter contrarian.

Moral compass is tested in its most resonant form in this addition in my opinion. This tests the boundaries between real life qualms and otherworldly demons unlike any superhero film before it. Iconography of Tony Stark also shows the amount of self-significance this dimension has been treated to.

This is what the medium was made for and Marvel’s impeccable mixture of quality and consistency and care is what built them (from the ground up) into the box office titan it is. If making money is the scapegoat then please go treat yourself to a Transformers film or Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, you will be wholeheartedly (not) missed.

The plot begins rather shallow and Mysterio’s long (and honestly contrived and drawn out) reveal scene gives the movie a sense of killed momentum. But the layering within that serves to prove its ultimate depth. Watch and you will see. The manipulation both psychologically and physically is mind-bending and gives further proof that the MCU has plenty of tricks left up their sleeves.

And the mentioning of the Daily Bugle (and a overwhelmingly welcome return of JK Simmons) shows that Spider-Man has levels of mythos that are not even close to being depleted. I was absolutely thrilled from beginning to end by this. And the score and cinematography are both world-class as usual.

Go. See. This.

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