Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ★★★★

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Some quick thoughts:
-I love this film. I think it’s really overhated by the HP community.
-The final 20 minutes of this film is so flawless. It’s so dark. I love it.
-“Severus. Please.” IYKYK.
-I love that Snape is The Half Blood Prince. It just makes so much sense and is a great reveal.
-Also really enjoy seeing Hermione’s feelings for Ron. It was cute and enjoyable
-I completely forgot that they set up the Horcruxs in this film. They did a great job explaining what those are.
-Liquid Luck Harry is like Drunk Harry and it’s hilarious.
-While I love this film, I’m not blind to the problems it has. It has massive tone shifts and The HBP storyline isn’t evident at all during the middle of the film.
-Also Dumbledore and Harry traveling to find the Horcrux was pretty random and just comes out of nowhere
-They completely pass over what happened to Dumbledore’s hand, which is really important later on

I’m upgrading this film from a B+ to an A-. It’s for sure a top 3 film in the franchise for me just based off of favorites. I understand and recognize the issues it has however, so it’s not quite top 3 as far as best. However, I freaking love this film. Read my original review HERE

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