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  • Ant-Man



    86/100 (3)

    Uh, so apparently I like this movie now.

    I'll admit that my Edgar Wright prejudice probably coloured my first few viewings. But Ant-Man is also sort of blandly shot at times and the cute daughter motivation for Scott rang hollow for me initially. This time, though, I sat down and watched the movie with my kids and scrutinized every detail. And it holds up. I even found myself liking the characterization of Noah Cross, who I previously considered…

  • Sense and Sensibility

    Sense and Sensibility


    90/100 (3)

    This one actually gets the ages in a Jane Austen story more or less right. My kids were wowed when I told them that Alan Rickman is Snape. Kids don't make those connections as easily.

    I feel like Ang Lee worked to make a bunch of his establishing shots mimic paintings from the period. They really do like landscape paintings. And he's happy to go wider than a lot of directors do in period pieces without using CGI.…

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  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    First off, this is in my opinion the best superhero film ever made. Easily. It also might be my favorite animated film of all time.

    Secondly, when the character design in a movie is so darn good, one bad design stands out like a sore thumb. Dash's teacher with the round and oversized head who appears in an early scene absolutely drives me crazy. He looks terrible by comparison to everyone else. Bad enough that I'd love to see them…

  • Boyhood



    I didn't expect to have this reaction to Boyhood, especially given how much I like Linklater's Before trilogy, but I feel like Boyhood is really only noteworthy for the "filmed over 12 years" gimmick.

    Linklater seems to have been shooting for a film about an entirely normal kid. That's great, I guess, if you like realism (although I think the two dimensionality of most of the background characters is anything but realistic), but if I'm making a choice between "realistic" and "compelling", I think I'm always going to side with "compelling".