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  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2


    91/100 (6)

    I saw Iron Man 2 when I was really tired at a midnight screening after I'd been shooting all week in Las Vegas. I was not a fan. I was also barely awake.

    My opinion changed dramatically on my second viewing.

    Iron Man 2 might not be the movie I thought I wanted. I'm not even sure what that was, to be honest. I think I wanted Mickey Rourke's moments to be a little more epic. But now…

  • Iron Man

    Iron Man


    90/100 (5)

    I've been up and down on Iron Man, but I've always loved it. With so many films now in its wake it's easy to forget how good and how different it was when it came out. After all of the alter egos and secrecy in superhero film up this point it felt revolutionary for Stark to get up and declare who he was at the end. There's a deft handling of comic and dramatic moments, too, that felt…

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  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    First off, this is in my opinion the best superhero film ever made. Easily. It also might be my favorite animated film of all time.

    Secondly, when the character design in a movie is so darn good, one bad design stands out like a sore thumb. Dash's teacher with the round and oversized head who appears in an early scene absolutely drives me crazy. He looks terrible by comparison to everyone else. Bad enough that I'd love to see them…

  • Boyhood



    I didn't expect to have this reaction to Boyhood, especially given how much I like Linklater's Before trilogy, but I feel like Boyhood is really only noteworthy for the "filmed over 12 years" gimmick.

    Linklater seems to have been shooting for a film about an entirely normal kid. That's great, I guess, if you like realism (although I think the two dimensionality of most of the background characters is anything but realistic), but if I'm making a choice between "realistic" and "compelling", I think I'm always going to side with "compelling".