Moonrise Kingdom ★★★★★


This movie currently sits at #14 on my all-time favorites list. 14! I don't want to dwell on that too long because I start second-guessing myself.

Moonrise Kingdom finds Wes Anderson working on a smaller scale than at any other point in his career. It was shot with small cameras on Rhode Island and set on a very small fictional Island only accessible via sea plane or water. It benefits from its smallness. It has some of the most arresting closeups or Anderson's entire oeuvre. Whoever selected Kara Hayward (let's not even pretend it wasn't Wes) to star in this thing knocked it out of the park. She doesn't even need to say anything to be arresting. The blue eye shadow she wears throughout is a great touch.

Jared Gilman as Sam is her perfect foil. He's awkward and mumbles his lines and strikes a perfect balance between rebellious and hurt and entirely innocent.

Robert Yeoman also does some great stuff. I particularly like the monochrome sequence during the storm, which reminds me of a similar b&w (maybe blue and white more than black and white) sequence during a storm in Mad Max: Fury Road. Both are inspired filmmaking choices.

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