Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★★


Marvel is 23 films into this thing and is managing to subvert expectations this year better than it ever has. There are no throwaway moments here, from jabs at Peter's "Peter tingle" and his own reference to his crotch as his "web-shooter" to more poignant references to Iron Man and the impact he's had on the world. We've had five movies now with Tom Holland playing the title character and I don't think we've once had the words "with great power comes great responsibility" mentioned. And yet, that has been central to the whole series thus far. Show, don't tell, right?

And let's give a big hand to Zendaya, who shows off a very large range of contradictory emotion and breathes new life into MJ.

A big hand, too, to Marvel for having the sense to play fast and loose with their well-established mythology, taking familiar characters to entirely new places and having the guts to send entire races of beings into places uncharted in the comics.

Lastly, I hope Nick Fury and Happy Hogan are popping up in MCU movies regularly for another 20+ years.