Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

So good that I had to see it see it twice. Promising Young Woman is already no doubt this years most shocking and controversial film, but only in the best way, I genuinely believe that the films plot has the potential to strike a chord with its entire audience, having even the tiniest way to relate to the protagonist or the situation she is involved in.

Cassie, a medical school dropout is turning 30 with having gone nowhere in life, no friends, no partner, spending her time working at a wannabe-hip coffee shop. Her best friend Nina was a victim of rape and died some years earlier, implied by suicide after the legal system had failed her. Having the view that all males are after one thing and willing to do anything for it, Nina regularly lures nightclub predators into traps, making them realize and admit their deceit, before likely exposing them. After reuniting with an old classmate who has romantic feelings for Cassie, she learns an unfair fact that those who hurt her friend have seemingly moved on and become happy, and seeks out to avenge Nina and punish those who got away with it.

I would describe this film as being a it's a #MeToo rape revenge thriller with class! The story was so well executed, and I especially liked each chapter being marked with a strike, which is mirroring what Cassie jots down each time she catches a predator (I guess we now know what McLovin has been up to since 2007). The antagonists, which if I am being honest is 90% of the cast, are portrayed well as if they can do bad things and have a way of acting normal despite their actions, wearing a mask to hide and lie about the fact they are bad people. I couldn't imagine some of them doing the things they apparently did, which probably goes to show that you never truly know what people are capable of, and the twists go to show that anyone can be dangerous.

And of course I don't think I could write about this film without mentioning THAT ending! Like woah, I was taken aback by it, and if there is one thing I would remember from this film, it would be the final act, completely unpredictable, and absolutely fucking satisfying in the most unusual way, I loved it!