Climax ★★★

Me at 11:30 PM: well, it’s been a long day and a long week, but I really want to watch a movie that is short and will keep my attention so I stay awake and that I am excited for. Let’s watch Climax! 

Now, at 1:30 AM: I could not beat my exhaustion and dozed in and out of the last 30 minutes and oh god my brain can’t emotionally separate my dull dorm room and the hellish environment of the film and it feels like I’m living in a nightmare. Too wrecked to handle formal analysis but I guess I will say it is a complete technical marvel, but I do not know why it exists. It feels like tragedy for staged indulgence, peace out Noe. “Death is an extraordinary experience”? Have you ever fucking died Noe? Why are you celebrating the suffering of others? Fuck off dude, but also I probably missed the nuances. Whhhhoooopo knows, but my life is anxious fear right now.

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