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  • May the Devil Take You
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene
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  • House of the Long Shadows


  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


  • History of the World: Part I


  • Five Superfighters


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  • House of the Long Shadows

    House of the Long Shadows


    Happy Birthday to both Christopher Lee and Vincent Price!  🎉

    Here they pal around with Peter Cushing and John Carradine.. and Desi Arnaz, Jr. ... in a big ol' spooky house mystery, has a couple surprising gruesome moments (acid face!) and the image of Christopher Lee wielding an axe, plus a double fake-out ending, is a little old fashioned for 1983, but still fun overall, having those four titans of terror share the screen is reason enough to find this one enjoyable.

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  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


    "A whale of a tale, and it's all true!"

    A maritime science fiction adventure from Walt Disney, looks great, love the submarine set design, but is very dry at times and lacks punch, and how the hell is that amazing giant squid attack not the climax of the movie?? It's great! Other highlights include a gross eating scene that is reminiscent of Temple of Doom and also Kirk Douglas wears a little stripped shirt, plays a turtle bone guitar and sings with his best friend, a sea lion.

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  • Hereditary



    I successfully avoided all trailers, reviews, and most images from this movie before seeing it, and going in blind is the best way to experience this story. The majority of the time I had no idea where this was going or what it was leading to, but damn what an incredible journey and the payoff was *kisses fingers* magnificent. Drenched in dread and unpleasantness, this is slow burn horror that deals in the trauma of grief and the reckoning of…

  • C.C. and Company

    C.C. and Company


    A low budget biker exploitation film, has a mishmash of tones that bounces around between romantic drama, hippie comedy, motorbike racing flick, and grimy rape trash, has a good opening and ending and a cool soundtrack, what more do you need? Well how about the cast which includes the lovely Ann-Margret, William Smith, Sid Haig, and NFL star Joe Namath, I had no idea he was even ever IN a movie, so this was a nice surprise, and ya know, he's not terrible!

    Currently notable for having the movie trailer featured in Tarantino's Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood.