Bone Tomahawk ★★★★

A really good western that descends into intense horror territory. The dialogue and the characters are specifically excellent, with Russell, Fox, and Jenkins really breathing life into their roles. Fox and Jenkins are particularly brilliant. As for Patrick Wilson, there was something about his performance I couldn't quite latch onto, there's something about him as an actor that makes it appear as if he is, I dunno, phoning it in a little bit sometimes? That's probably unfair, so instead maybe it's more of a thing where he is really just outshined by the other three leads. Also, narratively speaking, I was confused and curious at the end as to how he exactly crawled his busted-ass self into that mountain cave. Was there a backdoor or something?

Minor quibbles aside, I really liked this, it's a strong, assured debut film, with some lovely photography, great characters, and incredible gore effects. As far as horror-cannibal-westerns go, this one will be hard to beat.