The Exorcist

The Exorcist ★★★★

I have a theory about 'classic' films. Now this could get ridiculous, but for the hell of it, hear me out.

For one, movies viewed well past their time period have a much different impact on a more modern audience over the viewers who would have seen this for the first time in 1973. Now of course watching a 12 year old girl walk down the stairs ass backwards while throwing up blood can be a might unsettling for most I must agree, but I wouldn't have gone so far as to throw up all around my floor like I heard happen to some while the film was playing in '73.

For two reasons,

One: as a more modern audience, we have really been desensitized to a lot of blood gore and violence. Even to the point (for me anyways) where I didn't seem to get freaked out a little girl was talking like James Earl Jones and telling a priest to fuck off, amongst other things. (or at least I didn't freak out as much as I thought I would)

Two: A lot of things which would have been violently shocking and new in that time period have now been done countless times since, which seems to eliminate that 'holy shit did they actually just show that' factor. Except maybe for when she stabbed at her nether regions. That was fucking weird.

Not that the film shouldn't be appreciated, and not to give off the impression I didn't like the film (which I did), I just found that I don't think it had the same impact on me now, that it would have being seen for the first time when it was released.

Crazy rant over.

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