• The Big Chill

    The Big Chill


    I've read a couple of the negative reviews on here, and I 1000% agree, but I don't care. It's fun, I love ensemble comedies, it's a good time, chill out.

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage


    There's really no way for me to be objective about this, I love the original series so much. This new American remake is obviously very Americanized. From the visual style to the naturalized dialogue, the sexualized characters and the obsession with the beauty of the leads, it pretty much feels all new. The biggest change of course being the gender swapped roles from the original. I was cautiously optimistic when I realized they were going in this direction. It has…

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    I literally just watched Possession so maybe this is just a side effect of over saturation for me personally, but this was not my thing. What was the message of this film? Deranged murderer invents messages from God to absolve themselves from responsibility? Sure, why not, but I honestly don't see much of a difference between this film and the silly villain from The Da Vinci Code, just that this film has some pretty good visuals.

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    Every generation has their own "Bond," and Daniel Craig's iteration was what I grew up with. This is a great send off to Craig's Bond. I've seen this film criticized for not having a strong villain, which I agree with somewhat, but I never felt like the villain is what drew me to these movies. It was about how the villain made Bond confront his personal conflicts. In Skyfall it was his history and childhood, and in this film it's his relationship with Madeline (Léa Seydoux). I feel like Bond has well and truly worked out his issues, it's a great conclusion.

  • Squid Game

    Squid Game


    Kinda follows a normal distribution curve in terms of episode quality, but I like the discussion this has sparked around the art of translation. Marbles was my favourite episode, everything else was mostly silly but still pretty fun.

  • Loki



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I really liked it when it was just a self contained story about Loki understanding what makes him tick, but when the final climax was a huge set up for multiverse stuff it kinda lost me. I guess this is just standard MCU stuff, if their films are tv episodes then obviously their tv shows would also be part of the MCU show. Definitely better than WandaVision though, and still a really fun show.

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    I think I understood what it was trying to do, subverting the cliches and tropes where the innocent family wins (with some battle scars but surviving nonetheless), but I just didn't really care? Also the complicity of the audience, while it is an interesting topic, doesn't really work here because contrary to the film's claim, fiction isn't reality, and people know the difference. Maybe I'm totally off base in what the film's trying to say, but even still it just got a bit tedious.

  • Possession



    No fucking clue what happened, but I'll remember the feelings. Erotic, terrifying and weirdly loving and emotional too. Isabelle Adjani has an incredible face and a massive screen presence.

  • Oxhide



    Alright look I'm no stranger to boring art films (most of which I like), but this was just too much for me. Maybe I was just watching this at the wrong time and maybe if I saw it again some other time it would be amazing, but this was like watching the pie eating scene in A Ghost Story for nearly two hours.

  • The Joy of Life

    The Joy of Life


    You fall in love with a girl, with a lot of girls. You fall in love with the city. You fall in love with falling in love and you dive. Over and over again you dive to experience the feeling of falling. Willfully, intentionally, recklessly. You notice everything. The wind is blowing, the light is just so, the sadness in you is just so. It’s all so exquisitely bittersweet and it’s almost unbearable but it’s not. You come back to…

  • Belfast



    Kenneth Branagh watching Roma: "hmm not enough irish people."

  • Violet



    Violet is the feature debut from Justine Bateman starring Olivia Munn and Justin Theroux (voice only). I saw this at a drive-in so I only got roughly 95%, the other 5% I was distracted by other people and even fireworks at one point, but the tickets were a gift so I can't complain. The film follows Olivia Munn's Violet and a "voice" (Justin Theroux) inside her head that tells her what to do.

    There's a lot of things to love…