High-Rise ★★½

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this film. Right after the showing was done I leaned towards a more negative opinion. But trying to write this review I found a lot of things I really liked about it. But these don’t change the fact there are a lot of problems that take it down. First of all I really liked the look of the film. The cinematography and art direction were really good and just a treat to look at. The use of the retro style is just perfect. The actors all gave a really good performance. Not only Tom Hiddleston, but the rest of the inhabitants were portrayed in a way that made every one of them special.
Of course there are the problems. This film asks a lot from the audience, a little too much even. By making weird editing choices and jumping ahead in the story, the film lost me a couple of times. Also the total amount of characters is staggering and makes it hard to actually care about them. There is a moment when the story really starts to drag a lot. While I get the point of the film being a metaphor for society, it just loses that at moments and just becomes a kaleidoscope of different weird situations.
My biggest problem, what does this film have against dogs?
I’m glad I got free tickets to go see this, because it’s not something I’m planning to watch anytime soon. All I can say is that it was a worthy try at something bigger, but it fell so deep.

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