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  • Suspiria



    I guess slinky toys can be dangerous after all!

    The score is every bit deserving of the hype, with the intensely bold color palette being a close second. It's a much more basic horror film than I expected, especially with me having seen the remake beforehand (a film that, despite its bloated screenplay, I kind of adore). It also doesn't help that the wooden acting and bad dubbing really stood out on this first viewing, even more so than most of Argento's movies. Nevertheless, it works well enough as a funhouse experience that it's quite easy to let the images and sound wash over everything else.

  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

    The Peanut Butter Falcon


    Terrific enough as a hangout movie that it feels like it's wasting time whenever antagonists or flashbacks are part of the equation - which is to say, a lot more than one would expect. And it's a real shame that the misguided final scene leans into those shortcomings without warning. Still, that leaves us with 90% of a film with characters and environments that are awfully easy to spend time with. In addition to that, newcomer Zach Gottsagen makes for…

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  • Up



    Watched in preparation for Pete Docter's newest film, Inside Out.

    Although I like Up quite a bit, I still don't find it to be the masterpiece other people say it is. Yes, it goes without saying that the first ten minutes are absolutely brilliant, flawless even. From the opening bit of exposition to the utterly astonishing montage showing the relationship between Carl and Ellie over the course of several decades, the filmmakers managed to create possibly the greatest thing to…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    Welcome back, Pixar! You are completely forgiven for unleashing Cars 2 to the public, thanks to this wonderfully imaginative creation you have created.

    Inside Out may not be the most original film, seeing as how many other stories have focused on the different emotions that make up a person. However, what it lacks in innovation, it absolutely makes up for it in execution. Each of the emotions depicted in this story have a surprising level of depth to them, and…