Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½

A definite mixed bag, this one. It's awful whenever it ties itself with the 1978 Halloween, okay as a thriller that reveals the well-intentioned but ugly side of mob mentality, and pretty good as a showcase of David Gordon Green flexing his slasher movie muscles. And like any narrative that wants to broaden the series horizons, it tends to sway between one of the three modes. It's unfortunate that the beginning and end see the film indulge in its worst impulses, but that leaves an awful lot in the middle that's somewhat compelling on a thematic level. As much as the underutilization of Jamie Lee Curtis irked me at first, this decision makes more sense once it becomes a story about the people of Haddonfield coming together to take down the boogeyman.

It's far less satisfying than the 2018 Halloween, and I suspect this one to grow worse with time once we get around to the real finale with Halloween Ends. But for the time being, it's got enough moody atmosphere and surprising scale to be a not-terrible middle chapter in a trilogy.

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