I just came to the conclusion that I prefer Fellini's more serious toned efforts like La Strada and Nights of Cabiria!

Juliet of the spirits and 8 1/2 not so much! 8 1/2 is a good film and I can understand its importance and influence upon filmmaking! But if I'm not entertained on some level then it's simply not my bag!

Especially if at some point it tests my endurance to the point it's teetering dangerously close to my breaking point with excessive scenes of the brooding artist and endless director/producer/cast chit chat that was not only annoying but added nothing to the film nor aids in its progression!

What saved the film from hitting my Shit List were the hilarious scenes of fantasy involving the prostitute Saraghina and the shaming aftermath doled out by the priests, the incredible gut buster involving the fantasy harem with the insane lion tamer scene with whip in hand lashing the lionesses into submission!

Guido's character wasn't a very likable or sympathetic character for the majority of the film! It wasn't until the end that I like his wife was able to forgive him and accept him for who he is warts and all! It was only then that he showed a vulnerability that was so very human! He finally spoke from his heart and I felt my heart melt!


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