A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night ★★★★

A film that chooses to tell the story through magnificent NOIRish cinematography for the most part rather than rely on the insufficiency of words that all too often fall on deaf ears!

Where words can be misinterpreted or be accused of being too heavy handed in delivering its message director Ana Lily Amirpour uses striking imagery most effectively! The messages her imagery conjure leave no room for doubt or misinterpretation! The message sent is loud and clear and never ventures into heavy handed territory!

It is a thing of absolute beauty! Striking black and white cinematography gleefully playing with the shadows and light!

This isn't a film so much as it is the purveyor of a mood or feeling! The actors evoke such highly charged emotions with nothing more than a look of yearning! The long shots leave me weak in the knees and utterly breathless! My eyes gorged themselves repeatedly throughout this visual feast!

To state it is not your typical vampire film would be a huge understatement! If you go in with notions of seeing a horror film about vampires you could very well end up walking away unsatisfied! Try to go in with no preconceived expectations or details other than knowing an Iranian director uses the western vampire as a vehicle to deliver her vision to her audience and you could walk away a very happy camper!

FYI: Director Ana Lily Amirpour performed the long skateboarding shots and is an avid skateboarder!

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