Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★★

It assaults your senses mercilessly! It offends on every level! You'd be justified to call the script crap! And the acting subpar!

But in the end the amateurish approach actually lent a kind of authenticity, a sense of realism to it if you will.. that really struck a chord with audiences worldwide! The kills and carnage looked a little too close to the real thing.. so much so that charges were actually leveled against them for filming what appeared to be a snuff film!

Filming in the Amazon rainforest and including indigenous tribes in the film was pure genius! The Found Footage style really seemed to work in the films favor!

A lot of controversy surrounds this film due to its graphic violence, rapes and animal cruelty! Barring the rape scenes.. Nothing happened that an indigenous tribal member doesn't do daily to eat and survive.. and nothing is done that your local farmer and slaughterhouses don't do just so you can get your carnivore fix in the form of cheeseburgers and fried chicken!

The damning accusations that actors were killed were eventually dropped but the reputation of being a vile and nasty film remained steadfast and earned the film its much deserved Cult Film Status!

Not for curiosity seekers or the faint of heart! Nor is it for Vegans and Vegetarians unless of course you just happen to be masochists ;-)

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