Castle Freak ★★★

#8 of 31 - HOOPTOBER 5.0 : We Don’t Need A Stretcher In There We Need A Mop

Normally when I come across a film I neither love nor hate I don't even bother writing a review but the show must go on this is for HoopTober for Pete's Sake ;-) To write something of any consequence you need a muse to turn your crank! Alas the only thing turning on my end was my stomach! There was one particularly disturbing scene you'll know it when you see it that triggered a kneejerk attempt at the the retraction of my head and limbs into the core of my body, very much like a turtle ducking into his shell for cover along with the inevitable CLINTesque squint and grimace as if I had just bit into a lemon!

The scene I referred to above that many called distasteful in their reviews for me was one of the films biggest selling points along with The sporadic bouts of gore and splatter! The second biggest selling point of director Stuart Gordon's film would be actor Jeffrey Combs himself! Whom played a a very flawed and troubled man that one could not help but feel sympathetic! Another plus is this was NOT your typical Charles Band film for it for the most part was played straight up horror! Unlike the Castle Freak there just wasn't enough horrifying elements or victims for that matter for me to really sink my teeth into this cinematic adventure! While I don't have any plans to revisit the film in the future I can vouch for the fact that if it was on the ole telly during one of my many all night sessions searching for something to help me while away the hours in the wee hours of the morning I would most definitely give her another whirl!

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