Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso ★★★★★

An absolute must see for the cinephile in all of us! A joyous celebration of film with a mischievous youngster (Toto) who will steal your heart just as he stole the whole show!

The cinema in its glory days! A social event to share the cinematic experience with friends, family and all of your neighbors, a place that allows you to catch up on local and world news, a place where audiences evolved at the same pace as the films they were watching! The internet of its day broadening horizons and making the world a smaller more accessible place! A place to fall in love, a place to escape from yourself and the world around you!

The cinema in essence was the cherry on top of life!

How the film dealt with the topic of censorship was hilarious! It shows just how ridiculous it really is to let a select few decide for you what you are allowed to see or be exposed to!

A wonderful story about a young lad named Toto whom has a relentless passion for movies and is befriended by an older man (Alfredo) whom happens to be the local film projectionist! Ultimately he becomes the father figure in Toto's life as well as a trusted mentor!

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