Constantine ★★★★

Film #3 of the February Movie Challenge : Keanu Reeves or Bust!

Can you imagine a film where an angst ridden Keanu Reeves plays an exorcist with brass knuckles and gun in tow to fight the good fight in the name of God, Tilda Swinton plays a rather nasty version of the arch-angel Gabriel, then there's Pete Stormare whom plays that rascally underworld kingpin known as Satan and Bush's very own Gavin Rossdale plays a dapper Demon! Well stop imagining and key up Constantine in your que now!

Visually it's an Impressive feast for the eyes and boasts equally impressive special effects! Pretty good stuff considering this is Francis Lawrence's directorial debut!

Both Swinton and Stormare upped the level of excellence in the film but were severely underused!

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