Deep Rising ★★★

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Depending upon who you ask you'll get responses ranging from it's the spawn of the antichrist or it's a great little horror actioner! My view is more middle of the road! It is NOT as awful as some would have you think! On the other hand it is nothing to write home about! Many claim it's an Alien rip off.. statements like this are growing tiresome! You do know Alien ripped off many of its predecessors! And yet we never hear how Alien ripped them off! Why exactly is that? ;-)

Actually I'm just grasping for straws here trying to find something to say in regards to the film! You see this film falls into the category of films I wouldn't normally review because I don't love it OR hate it enough to inspire me to write a worthy review! But since I need to review it to complete my Hooptober 5 Challenge you're stuck reading this dribble! You have my sincere condolences! I certainly wouldn't hold it against you if you sign a petition to ban me from future Hooptober's ;-) The good news is Deep Rising is definitely better than what you're reading now ;-)

It is good for what it is.. a popcorn flick! Nothing more! Nothing less! I actually enjoyed it! A bunch of bad asses meet formidable creatures that hand their asses back to them on a silver platter! Treat Williams, Famke Janssen and Wes Studi what's not to like! The Special Effects were top notch for films of this period! While the film will never qualify to get on my lists due to it not meeting my 3 1/2 star minimum requirement it certainly doesn't deserve the 29% at RottenSomethingOrAnother.. thou doth protest too much me thinks! Nothing a little extraction of the corncob from their wazoos wouldn't fix ;-)

Feeling particularly Naughty tonight and now you know why it's my moniker ;-)

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