Full Metal Jacket ★★★★★

There's absolutely no one in the entire history of cinema whom can bring to life one of the most monumental and quintessential examples of a drill sergeant than actor R. Lee Ermey! It wasn't an act of god that set loose such a formidable force of nature upon the world! It was the act of director Stanley Kubrick!

Upon leaving theaters audience members rushed home to examine their backsides as they were convinced Sgt. Hartman had torn them a new one! While others couldn't wait to test out some of the best written profanity laced, testosterone fueled one liners known to all mankind!

The film's greatest strength was the boot camp training sequence! It was the epitome of perfection in its examination of the uber masculinization of war!

While the latter parts of the film which took place in Viet Nam showed signs of promise it came no where near the brilliance exhibited earlier in the film!

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