Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum ★★★

A good by the numbers found footage but that is not what I signed up for! I signed up for an unconventional, creative game changing South Korean production! So yes I'm dumbfounded and disappointed I can't imagine why they settled for American Filmmaker wannabe territory instead of bringing their A-game to the table and leaving an indelible last impression singed into our very psyches that would bolster not only the found footage genre but their street creds as well when it comes to being true masters of horror

On the plus side I found the acting and atmosphere well above the norms for films of this ilk! Not a bad film really just didn't offer up nothing new to an overcrowded genre that has been whipping the proverbial dead horse that has long since gave up the ghost and is nothing more than mulch for the worms and vermin to feed upon! A rehash of the same ol' same ol' that I just can't for the life of me get excited about!

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