Harakiri ★★★★★

Picture my friends pure elegance in motion.. that of a duck swimming across the water. It appears to do so with very little effort however beneath the surface it tells a whole different story for the duck is paddling fast and furiously, as if its very life depended upon it. In many cases it does! This speaks volumes about this film! On the surface it appears to be a simple straightforward story when in fact it's magnificently complex once the layers are masterfully peeled away layer by layer painfully exposing the raw nerves that lie just below the surface!

The film deals heavily in appearances, namely issue regarding honor or lack thereof. The film in my opinion seems to invite you to contemplate various ideals, traditions, situations to decipher whether or not living simply for the sake of honor at any cost including integrity is truly an honorable virtue or is sacrificing your honor for the sake of others more honorable.

This is not your typical Samurai film, it is more cerebral, philosophical in nature. That being said dear Samurai fans never fear there will be blood and sword fights as well it is however not its main focus! It is also a tragic tale of love and inevitably revenge. The destination in this case takes a backseat to the complex, layered, journey that unfolds unhurriedly with a greater sense of purpose!

Other films featuring Harakiri aka Seppuku (ritual disembowelment) pale in comparison for the vindictive cruel nature of the hosts of said Harakiri were as despicable as they were dishonorable! Even for me.. a seasoned gorehound it was an extremely difficult watch! Not that it was that graphic in nature, no for me it was a psychologically torturous affair which to me is far far worse!

It is a remarkable piece of Samurai cinema that I highly recommend! Enjoy :-)

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