Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer ★★★½

Henry is a beast, the city is his jungle and we are his prey! Witnessing Henry (Michael Rooker) in predator mode is like watching a BBC wildlife show featuring a Cheetah taking down a massive Wildebeest! The brutality of it is gut churning but it is also a real thing of beauty for it showcases the primal nature of man and his propensity to be born killers with the skillset and speed required to overpower its prey!

The film itself was shot on 16mm, the raw, dingy, gritty appearance gave it a sense of realism! Unfortunately the low budget hinders what could have been a great film by way of horrendous dialogue and highly questionable acting by fellow no name actors! Rooker himself is difficult to watch when he is not exercising his murderous prowess that put him at the top of the food chain! But seriously I can't lay the blame at his feet when the writer failed to give him something decent to work with! The film owes its notoriety to the X rating given by the MPAA for genuinely disturbing content and of course largely due to Rooker's explosive performance!

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