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This review may contain spoilers.

I felt a huge disconnect when the film swerved in the direction of satanic cult mode! This is due in part to the fact I'm not a huge fan of that particular subgenre! I haven't turned my back on them altogether for some provide some degree of entertainment due in large part to the over-the-top gore and insane supernatural mayhem! I can accept them for the most part if they adhere to parameters of the B Movie framework! But this was an "A" movie trying to go for subject matter normally reserved for B Films but without the desire to the "Go Big or Go Home" mentality and for me that was troublesome!

They went full on wack-a-doodle land without so much as a wink, nod or tongue in cheek! I didn't find it scary nor appropriately creepy for they played it too straight laced! these types of films work far better if you put the peddle to the metal, thereby throwing all caution to the wind! This was way too reserved for my tastes! I've read critic's blurbs comparing this to The Exorcist! That's pure unadulterated blasphemy! Do NOT! I repeat! Do Not take the name of The Exorcist in vain ;-)

If they had taken their cues from The Exorist another film that placed it straight laced on the surface but underneathe it all they were giddy as all get out and were dancing around in their knickers on desktops imagining all the barf bags and smelling salts that would be used on unsuspecting mainstream audiences that flocked to theaters in droves!

The Exorcist conjured horror on epic levels by way of macabre iconic imagery and milked every cliché in the book until it basically became the layman's bible of possession and exorcism! The Exorcist pulled out all the stops! It left me visibly shaken to the core! The disturbing imagery forever branded on my retinas! Hereditary had very little to no real impact other than one scene involving Charlie after she left the party! You'll know it when you see it ;-) Both films wisely picked great leads to deliver their onscreen nightmare but in my opinion only one truly succeeded!

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