Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Don't let the title fool you like it did me! I thought it was going to be another sappy and sentimental love story! The 4 hour timeframe attached to a genre (Romance) I'm not a huge fan of also served as a huge deterrent!

So I pretty much went into this film with little to no details! If I had realized that Sion Sono was the director of the film I would have done cartwheels all the way to my laptop and popped this baby to the top of my que!

Being a former catholic this film really hit me where I live! It was absolutely hilarious, edgy, refreshing, irreverent, naughty and perverse! My feelings for the film are indescribable.. All I know is I now understand the unbridled joy and total nirvana dogs experience from the act of rolling in filth! If it was possible I'd have rolled in Love Exposure all night long and then some!

Recommended by Arto via "Movie Request Hotline" list! OMG Arto I can't thank you enough for requesting this film! I loved it!

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