Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road ★★★★★

George Miller's cardiac arrest inducing visionary masterpiece will have Gearheads, Metalheads and connoisseurs of practical effects and death-defying stunts falling down onto their knee's exalting boisterously that this is the 2nd coming!

And they'd be right to do so!

Old school action, old school stunts that are so outrageous, so extraordinarily dangerous that theaters should be required by law to make ticket holders sign legal waivers in case of accidental death or permanent maiming during the screening of the film!

Visually speaking I can't imagine anything more gratifying than watching this gloriously explosive spectacle unfold on the big screen! It really oughta be against the law to view this on anything less than a theater screen! The big screen TV just will NOT do! It cannot capture the stunning cinematography muchless capture the thunderous percussion drums and electric guitar that play such huge roles in the film!

I haven't been to a theater in ages! It took a film like Mad Max's Fury Road to get me to plant my keister in a theater seat! The sheer volume and magnitude of the sound had me ducking my head for cover then I'd catch myself doing it and looked around to see if anyone noticed my indiscretions! Lucky for me no one seemed to be able to tear their eyes from the screen for even a second!

Tom Hardy's performance as Mad Max was magnificently sublime! Charlize Theron bowled me over with her "vajayjay to the wall" performance! To be honest she practically stole the show!

I cannot begin to do justice to a film that had 303 adrenalin pumping stunt sequences! 70 of which were deemed by the stuntman community as being extremely dangerous! Ahem these are REAL stunts done by REAL stuntmen which is rare commodity among the action films being pumped out today! Your eyes and mind simply can't process the enormous amount of action that takes place in the film with just one viewing!

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