Phantasm ★★★★

Foreboding atmosphere that sparks a heaviness in your chest! The menacing tall man and the wicked sphere of excruciating and untimely death are the stuff of myths, legends, nightmares or tripping for that matter and I'm not talking about tripping the light fantastic or fandango! Anywho it's from the 70's so I'm leaning toward the latter!

This flick scared the bejesus outta me back in the day! Messed me up something awful and contributed to my deathly fear of cemeteries and pasty white complexioned morticians!

An original film that influenced future horror films and many horror film directors! So big props go out to writer and director Don Coscarelli for giving us something that keeps us up all night long tossin and turnin and checking under our beds!

With that being said and having seen the film tonight it looks and feels dated! Some of the special effects weren't so special after all lol! And why does the acting seem so much lamer now than back then! Regardless of the outdated effects and other superficial flaws.. the film still kicks like a mule!

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