Princess ★★★½

An astounding directorial debut by female Israeli Director Tali Shalom Ezer! A bold unflinching tale of child sexual abuse! Masterfully directed with a keen sense of sensitivity rather than cashing in on the provocative aspects of the film and turning this into a lurid sideshow!

Having pondered the film overnight I had an epiphany in regards to the coping mechanism implemented by Adar (Shira Haas) and I crumbled under the weight of this realization!

Admittedly a difficult film to recommend due to the painful subject matter however Tali Shalom Ezer's directorial skills have more than earned your time and goodwill, as a budding young female director with an old soul she has proven without a doubt that she has much more to say and warrants our full attention!

Shira Haas (Adar) gave a remarkable performance, well beyond her years that inevitably left a lasting impression that will haunt me for quite some time! Her future in film is a cinch and I look forward to her future endeavors!

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