Sea Fog

Sea Fog ★★★½

1 Hour 51 Minutes - Not Rated
Drama - Foreign - Thriller
Director: Sung-bo Shim
Starring: Yun-seok Kim, Yoo-chun Park, Ye-ri Han

Summary: When push comes to shove financially a captain of a fishing vessel begrudgingly seeks out illegal means to earn large sums of money with his ship. His first job sounds easy enough however somebody forgot to mention murphy's law applies!

Yun-seok Kim is one of my favorite South Korean actors and I've gotta say he is on a roll because his role in the film didn't let me down. He gave one hell of a larger than life performance!

If it wasn't such a brutally tragic story I'd be tempted to call it a comedy of errors! What could go wrong went wrong throughout the film and captain Kang is the equivlent of the cleaner and bodies are flying overboard right and left.

Some pretty intense hold your breath moments! I don't know why but I keep comparing Capt. Kang with Capt. Ahab most likely this is due to the fact both men sink to the depth of insanity because of an overwhelming obsession to the point of being maniacal and in the end their obsession consumes them!

While the film was imperfect, I believe its merits outweighed any negatives!

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