Silenced ★★★★★

The shocking but true story depicting the horrifying abuse and molestation of deaf children by the very people whose job it was to protect and care for them.. What happens to them afterwards is even more horrifying! It moved me to tears, I know it will move you!

The film took great pleasure in playing Whack-A-Mole with my heart! At one point I was absolutely livid! Surely there must have been smoke coming from my ears! I know I was so distressed and agitated that I longed for someone to be there for me and talk me down from this precipice I found myself standing on!

It is a devastating watch! Trust me I'm a tough old broad and I've seen a lot! But this film takes the cake for being one of those rare films that can reduce me to a quivering pile of goo!

Afterwards all I wanted to do was shout its praises from every rooftop in town!

Recommended by Vikey via "Movie Request Hotline" list - Thank you for rippin my heart out of my chest and stompin it to bits this AM.. and for the relentless tossin and turnin in bed! For reminding me we still need to stand up for others! Fantastic Film Vikey!

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