Speed ★★★★½

Sitting on the edge of your seat non stop action! Are you kidding me it went well beyond that old cliché! If I had experienced this in a movie theater I would have been sitting so far out on the edge of my seat I'd probably end up in some dudes lap 10 rows ahead of me before the film was through!

Talk about intense! The escalating tension and suspense caught up with me and settled in my jaws, shoulders and neck! I'm in a serious world of hurt right now but hot damn it was worth it!

I've got enough adrenaline pumping through my veins to be disqualified from sports permanently! I'm afraid if they had ratcheted the tension any higher I'd be speaking to you from the grave! It never lets you stop for a moment to catch your breath! Its just is one catastrophe after another! This high octane directorial debut from Jan de Bont drags the audience from one disaster to the next kicking and screaming the whole time!

One of the most thrilling movie experiences I've encountered in a long long time!

Forget the popcorn I need a crash cart stat!

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