The Babadook ★★

Nuke Babadook!

Extremely difficult to see this film through to the end as I found the central characters beyond annoying making it impossible to care one way or the other what happens to them!

As far as being a horror film there was a glimmer of hope in the beginning what with the mysterious book about said Babadook and the properly set atmosphere promising impending doom which overrode my desire to click on the eject button!

However when you rely totally on sense of dread to carry your film you better have one hell of a pay off in the end! It DIDN'T! It was painfully underwhelming and left a bad taste in my mouth! The film for that matter didn't keep any of its many promises!

The grand finale should have left us shaking in our boots or rendered us speechless at the very least! The only time I was struck speechless was upon hearing the Babadook's voice it was so absurdly ridiculous I thought surely it had to be a joke! Sadly it wasn't!

As the film wore on any expectations of experiencing a horror film dwindled to zilch! While it is not unusual for a studio to exaggerate or outright lie about their film productions I would be remiss in my duties as a reviewer if I didn't point out what could be a game changing misnomer! The film is NOT a horror film.. it is a psychological drama about a woman suffering from grief which is compounded by the fact she has a child with some form of mental disability and has special needs she is unable to deal with! This may be fine and well for some but that is NOT the film they sold me!

Nothing original about the film it stole much of its ideas from countless other far more superior films!

Nothing frightening about this film .. I won't be checking my closet or looking under my bed before I turn off the lights any time soon!

Insanely overhyped!

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