The Guest

The Guest ★★½

It wasn't a bad little film as long as everything remained a mystery! In fact I was quite taken with it! Once things came to a head however and the mystery started unraveling the film started hitting all the wrong notes finally revealing itself for what it was.. a way to kill time when you have nothing else better to do!

The scene involving the arms purchase and those thereafter provided overwhelming evidence that someone screwed the proverbial pooch and with great enthusiasm mind you! I was NOT AMUSED to say the very least because they ruined a perfectly good film! The sickeningly clichéd ending only served to incriminate them even further!

Highlight of the film was an actor I had never heard of before now, but I will remember his name now! And you should too his name is Dan Stevens! He gave an unbelievably chilling performance! He could sell ice to an eskimo one minute and impale him with an icicle the next minute without even blinking an eye!

Recommended by Jack Gaffney via "Movie Request Hotline" Thanks Jack it was well worth it just to see Dan Stevens psycho performance!

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