The House by the Cemetery ★★★½


Film #17 of the "Scavenger Hunt 2" Challenge!
Task #16 : A film that HAS been banned, by ANY country, past or present!


Apparently director Lucio Fulci's gruesome lil arterial geyser film made it onto the UK's Video Nasty List! Look I understand we need a rating system to keep children away from inappropriate films! I however do NOT understand why we as a society let a group of prudes and prigs decide what we are allowed to view as adults! In my not so humble opinion the people need to speak up loud and clear with their votes and oust this archaic system that bans and censors films!

Atmospheric, creepy and bloody good fun when it's dishing out the gore! The story was doled out at a slow pace, served up with a heaping of melodrama! What the perpetrator lacked in outward appearances he surely made up for it by his inner appearances oozing out onto the floor! Had some seriously chilling moments!

Its Fulci that alone makes this essential viewing for horror fans!

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