The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★

Takes place in one of the most unforgiving climates and locales in the world! Certain times of the year ships can't access the waters surrounding Antarctica, aerial rescue is out of the question due to the extreme frigid temperatures and frequent volatile fronts! I've read tales of people having their appendix removed before taking up residence in a remote locale such as this! When something goes horribly wrong out in no man's land you can't speed dial 911 and expect a response other than laughter or meaningless quips like good luck with that!

Not everyone has what it takes to live in the isolated conditions depicted in the film! Since they have a healthy aversion to becoming a human popsicle they lead a confined and stifling existence indoors and live in close proximity to the same individuals day after day for months on end.. which is enough to push some individuals over the edge as the walls feel like they are closing in on them!

Throw in losing all communications with the outside world, a threat to mankind knocking at their back door, top it all off with a heaping helping of paranoia and we've got the makings of a great film or in this case John Carpenter's Magnum Opus! My absolute favorite John Carpenter film! Come to think of it.. it just happens to be my favorite Kurt Russell film as well!

Still amazed for the special effects are still just as exciting today as they were back then and it still elicits strong reactions from me whenever things go south! It definitely let its creep flag fly! I was once again weirded out by a couple of grotesque scenes in the film! This surprises me to no end for I know this movie like the back of my hand! And yet it can still floor me at the drop of a hat.. or detonation of a thermite charge ;-)

Like the consummate lover the film manages to make each viewing feel like the very first time!

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