The Villainess ★★★★

Adrenaline junkies looking to score look no further.. have I got a film for you! There was more slicing and dicing going on in the Villainess than Benihana's dinner rush hour!

Wickedly delicious long takes featuring jaw-dropping fight scenes that only South Korea can deliver! Let's face it once you've gone South Korean Cinema there's just no going back! If this doesn't turn your crank nothing will!

The film certainly didn't waste any time dropping nonstop action on you straight out of the gate with a gloriously super long take of a female assassins overindulgence in revenge resulting in an inordinate amount of mass casualties that will freaking blow your mind!

The film attempted to include a fairly interesting and complex backstory reminiscent of femme fatale films in the same vein as La femme Nikita and often told through those pesky flashbacks and for the most part it was quite serviceable! But we all know deep down it's the eye-popping action sequences that truly rings our bell!

The good folks at the Cannes Film Festival gave the film a four minute standing ovation which speak volumes as to the quality of this robust actioner!

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