The War of the Worlds ★★★½

I seen this in my youth several times and it left a lasting impression on me! I thought it was the greatest alien film ever! Wide eyed, mouth gaping, sitting on the floor in front of our tv totally oblivious to everything around me! I have been hooked on Sci-Fi ever since!

Oh what joy it was to see these ufo's looking (and sounding) so menacing! When the military got involved boy oh boy you knew this was serious business!

Unfortunately I didn't get as big a kick out of the film as I did in my youth! I saw the wires that held up the ufo's! That sure deflated my whole experience fast! (HD TV doth revealeth too much sometimes) Otherwise the special effects while outdated by todays standards were in fact quite top of the line wizardry back then! The film even won an Oscar for its special effects!

Whenever the space ships were on-screen they still managed to make me feel giddy with excitement and fascination! Everytime we cut back to the hokey dialogue and old cars it pulled me out of the moment! If I could change one thing to make my movie watching experience better I wouldn't change this wonderful classic! I would opt instead to change me so that I could see it through the eyes of a child again!

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