The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

I finally found a film that lived up to all of the hype and then some!

Only Martin Scorsese could pull off a film of this magnitude and depth about the slime that compose the populace of Wall Street! The sheer arrogance and audacity of these people was absolutely mind boggling!

Even though I was watching this from the comfort of my own home and had the Pause button available to me I was unable to take advantage of this option even if it meant my bladder would explode or worse yet result in kidney failure! I was literally riveted to my seat and absolutely nothing could come between me and this film!

When Leonardo DiCaprio was getting high snortin coke off of backsides or breasts I was getting off by snortin the storyline like there was no tomorrow!

I heard the word "Fuck" used so many times I could of swore I was reading my main man Todd Gaines film review! ;-) It was 3 hours of unbridled excesses and complete and utter debauchery and yet the time flew by!

My bladder is angry and threatening to revolt so I must sign off! But one question still haunts me... Why didn't Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar for his stunning performance!

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