The Last Picture Show ★★★★★

i watched this yesterday but have been cramming for midterms so i haven't been able to write a proper review. its been stuck i my head all day though, because its honestly one of the most beautiful, bleak, and heartwrenching movies i've ever seen, and i know that sounds like an exaggeration, but believe me! this film = beauty. i was surprised by it being black and white, but it works so damn well and the cinematography underscores the meandering and hopeless narratives so wonderfully. really one of the most visually rich b&w films i've watched!

thematically, there's so little love in this film, at least what one could conceptualize as accepted notions of romantic love, and the idea of happy endings and true love that saves you is utterly decimated in this ~ no one gets the love they need or deserve, nor the ending that we'd expect, it seems, and it left me feeling absolutely gutted. i mean, i've seen films that deal with alienation and boredom, but never one that is so entrenched in depicting how crushing life can be, how youthful expectations often don't play out as you grow older, how dead, dry, and empty the future ends up being. i'm telling you, this shit is BLEAK, and the fact that it is bookended by visits to the movies (and ultimately the shuttering of the theater) is so tragic and poetic on its own. imagine a life without the comfort of movies? when those are gone, truly gone, THAT'S when you know shit's gone south. god, this film hurts a lot in many ways, but it tells its story so effectively and beautifully that i totally forgive it, and will highly recommend (existential crisis and all).