Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Another fantastic Guy Ritchie shot in the arm, full of his unmistakable bold brush strokes, but also his darkest and most menacing film yet. Not quite in the upper echelon of his filmography, but got pretty darn close.

Jason Statham was perfectly cast in this as "H” (his nickname for most of the movie); his typical demeanour fit his character to a tee and he bought his A game. The rest of the cast were pretty solid as well. Also totally loved the score; haven't heard of Christopher Benstead before but his music fully immersed you in the world and mood required.

My minor quibbles with the film were its ending and I would've liked more backstory for "H'. There was a taste of his background, but not enough to satisfy me even if it did add to the intrigue of it all. Then that ending was too quick and clean, which was a little underwhelming. But as I said, these were minor annoyances and overall I had a great time. Definitely recommended.

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