Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★½

zack snyder's justice league is the single most zack snyder movie he has ever made. is that good? is that bad? i don'fuckin know. but i personally thought it was great. you can really tell he made this with a lot of love and passion in his heart. even if his vision can be a little hazy and inconsistent, it's still his and you can tell he absolutely fucking loves making movies.

all the classic snyder-isms you can find in his works are here, the gratuitous gore, the pottymouthing, the speed up slow-mo, the blue CGI lightning, the religious symbolism, but it has so much more style and pizazz than almost every other film he's ever directed. it's as if he's directing a huge love letter to himself and how he makes films, and honestly? i feel the love.

not an egotistical love, mind you, but as i said before, a love for not only these superheroes he's clearly passionate about in some way, but also a love for the pure act of filmmaking. it clearly brings him some kind of joy, and you get to see this joy sparked in every interview he's talked about the movie in.

in comparison to whedon's monstrosity, all the characters are now fully fleshed out with their own arcs as opposed to being the haha funny quip machines, the editing is far more coherent and flows a lot better making the fight scenes at the very least comprehensible. the CGI looks a lot more creative and realistic despite it's smaller budget, any scenes that had no context or made no sense now have extra context built up, it is a completely better film in any way.

it basks in it's goofiness as a comic book movie but still manages to tell a serious story, the script is very exposition heavy and absolutely flawed but it's presented in such a magical mythical way that you tend to not notice too much. it celebrates DC in such a massive way where you get to see so many iconic DC heroes do their thing and save the day, it's such an infectous and fun time, and the score really accentuates this. every character has a theme, the justice league theme is great, it's a great score.

however it's not perfect. it's paced really badly so you feel all 4 hours of the film, the three ending scenes, while good on their own, clash really bad with the film's hopeful ending. they really should have been saved as post credits scenes and not shoved in after a perfect ending. i also think some of the actors are doing a REALLY bad job, and a lot of the action is a little weak.

but other than that, i really fuckin loved this movie. i didn't expect to, but i thought it was great. congratulations, zack. you did a fantastic job and i'm excited for whatever the future holds for your films.

also joker doesn't say "we live in a society" but batman says "fuck" so i think it balances out pretty well.

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