Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia ★★★★

Everyone else in the reviews kinda already expressed my sentiments, but I just wanted to add that this was a long movie. That is absolutely not an issue for me, I enjoyed every moment. I just wish there were more Jane Lynch and Meryl Streep scenes (Dorothy and Julia). That's all. Clearly, there was enough room or time for a scene or two of just them vibing..? Such a feel-good, wholesome, practically conflict-less food movie. This ranks with Big Night and Ratatouille. The lines and food shots were spectacular. The performances were amazing. As usual, Amy Adams was snubbed for the Oscar, but who's surprised? There were some unrealistic aspects, but I loved the absolute pointed references to reinforce setting like salon.com. Overall, enjoyable movie I would gladly watch again. Loved reading what viewers loved about the movie on an thematic level. This movie is about passion and finding purpose within ourselves. It's literally self-love in a movie; even when the world doesn't love you, you must love you. It's about overcoming and joy in the purest form. Other reviewers have expressed this sentiment more eloquently, but that is essentially what this film boils down to. An underrated Nora Ephron film. May she rest in peace.

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