Logan ★★★★★

Practice makes perfection.

Logan is Mangold's second attempt of making this character come alive. Thankfully though, they inject the ultra violent hard R rating that so many of us wanted from the start. It pays tribute to the character and Mangold closes out his journey in a poignant and beautiful way. Hugh Jackson has been playing the character for over a decade. Here he is brilliant and in fact, I don't think he has never been better as this character and just as an actor in general. Same can be said about, Sir Patrick Stewart who returns as Professor Xavier. Both were definitely stubbed came award season. But thats a conversation for another time.

I not only think Logan is the best comic book film ever. But I think it might be one of the best films I've ever seen. It's a fitting end, an end that will never not get me emotional and become a wreck after watching it. Watched the black and white version. Which doesn't enhance the experience, but it certainly doesn't ruin it.

I adore this film. It's brilliant, beautifully paced, expertly made, and more than powerful. You don't have to like the other X-Men films to enjoy this. It would help to be more attached to the character. But this film does a great job in getting you invested and it certainly becomes it own film. A film that isn't worried about franchise building. It's a film that makes the genre look puny in comparison.
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