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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    putting Chris Evans in a Christopher Reeve Deathtrap sweater but not giving him a Christopher Reeve Deathtrap gay twist? I like you Rian but you're going to jail

  • Bombshell



    rating this higher than most of my friends, but then I love Actresses and also shirtless Mark Duplass.

    since Kayla and Jess were original characters, there's absolutely no reason that the film couldn't have ended with them making out and leaving together!

    also the end credits almost make it sound like these women were the founders of the #metoo movement, which is bad, because they weren't. the term was actually coined by a black female activist. you know, the kind of person many of these women would demonize on the air. but that's something this movie has no interest in investigating.

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  • Cats


    the fact that Tom Hooper is directing this and not Julie Taymor? homophobic

  • Joker



    this movie: Arthur is oppressed!

    also this movie: lmao have some midget jokes

    attempts to give the Joker an origin story, delve into his psychology, or make him sympathetic are rarely successful in my opinion, and the fact that Phillips's film has such a rabid cultlike following, especially among straight men, to the point that people want to visit the "Joker steps," is deeply disturbing to me

    the only "relatable" part is when Arthur tries to be Justin Theroux--same