Halloween ★★★½

Scavenger Hunt 79 October 2021
Film 31/31
31. It's Halloween!!!! Watch a movie from the Halloween franchise or a horror movie that takes place on a holiday that isn't Halloween.

It's not so spoopy as I was lead to believe, but it is an interesting look on what trauma does to a family, especially later generations.

Michael is a force of nature who should not be in a minimal security prison to begin with, as countless other movies have already explored and explained. This is a force of pure evil who toys with his victims to a level, but when he goes for the kill, he's assured he's going to kill his prey.

Judy Greer's story needs more fleshing out than just "I was raised in a home that eventually CPS took me out of" as a plot point that barely gets touched on again in the first or even second acts.

That Carpenter score remains so freaking iconic no matter how many times you watch it, and that William Shatner looking fucker coming at you would give any sane person panic, especially on Halloween.

The trauma Allyson encounters at the hands of Doctor Sartain, being trapped in the backseat with Michael...

The kills in this are almost surgical, which makes the violence so much more unsettling, too.

And that concludes the traditional Lets Get Spoopy Scavenger Hunt 79 for me. I'm in the midst of a Universal Classics Monster Movie marathon that is carrying over into Scavenger Hunt 80 Give Thanks for Movies!

Tomorrow in the Time to Put On Our Costumes marathon, we got the first of Joshua Trank's two films in this marathon with found footage film "Chronicle."

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