The Voices

The Voices ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 92 November 2022
Film 10/30
25. After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday. Watch something that mainly takes place in a mall or a store.

Technically, a bowling alley is a kind of store, and technically the majority of this movie takes place at the residence above the bowling alley.

This was one of those movies that I addded when I found Anna Kendricck was in it and doing one of my "That sounds intriguing" to my queue list.

Only to find it is not on any streaming services to be found.

So, I was scrolling on Facebook and saw one of those adds for 3 digitial spoopy movies for $5 and expected that to be full of absolute dreck.

So, imagine my surprise when this film was in that collection.

Imagine my surprise when this black, black, black comedy is bleak but good and ends with a dance montage over the credits.

I'm sure it is making light of the illness that is schizophrenia and that Reynolds voicing three or more characters in his delusions isn't as monumenally interesting as it should be.

It's the rapidly growing body count that quickly gets funny but sad at the same time for me.

This definitely did not need to end up in a bargain bin situation, it's kind of the wheat down with the chaff in this particular offer. It might not be to everyone's sensibility, especially when it showcases the squallor Jerry lives in as a schizophrenic and Anna Kendrick character's potential fate once she ends up in the horrible bowling alley apartment of terrors.

Still, the script keeps it engaging and interesting as you're watching, and while the first act has a glacial pace, it really does get interesting after the karaoke happens.

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